Community Standards for QC WhatsApp Group

Quare Clare uses WhatsApp groups for our members to stay in contact with each other about things pertaining to Quare Clare. The intention is to create a positive and pleasant experience for all members. Please remember that this group is not the platform for expressing personal opinion, unless asked to provide feedback. We are all here to help each other and keep each other informed.

For this form of communication to stay effective and positive for all members, the community standards listed below must be adhered to by everyone in the WhatsApp group. Violating these rules will lead to group removal, at the discretion of the group administrator.

The following What's App Groups Exist for Members of Quare Clare to Subscribe to:

  • QC News (Broadcast Only) - News from admins about Quare Clare Events  - Requests to join can be made here:
  • QC General Chat - general discussion between members regarding topics relevant to the group at large.  In order to request to be added to this list, the user must have attended at least one Quare Clare event.  Requests to join can be made here:
  • QC Steering Committee - For members of the steering committee (must be added by an admin)
  • QC Pride Committee - For members of the Pride committee (must be added by an admin)
  • QC Leadership - For members of the general leadership group (must be added by an admin) 

Good practice 

  • When replying to a specific comment from a person, use the “reply” function to make sense of your comment and avoid confusion. 
  • Refrain from sending voice notes. 
  • Post your message in one single piece of text, don’t post every word or sentence in a new message. 


  • Be Respectful: You may not use threatening, abusive, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive language and swearing is not allowed. Terms and comments of a sexual nature are not allowed. If you are unsure if a comment is appropriate, do not post it. 
  • Members should refrain from reposting content from other sources/websites without a clear and articulated follow up regarding why the content was posted.
  • NO hateful, harmful, racist, or discriminatory speech is allowed. 
  • Personal attacks (verbal or otherwise) against any person, inside the group or out, will NOT be tolerated. 
  • NO advertising will be allowed on this group unless approved by admins. Only admins may post the advertisement. 
  • Check your sources before you share. 
  • Do not have one-on-one conversations in the group chat. Switch to private messages. 
  • Be Relevant: If you are part of an “General Chat” group, keep chat pertaining to Quare Clare Topics or Events. Non-related topics or personal chat can be done privately. We don’t want to flood the channel. 
    • Be Reasonable: Don’t send messages late at night or in the early morning hours unless it is an emergency that everyone should be aware of. 
    • Please remember that admins may not always be able to respond immediately and that they will as soon as they can.

Due to circumstances and incidents, these rules may be amended and changed from time to time. Group members will be advised of these changes. By remaining on the group you will be considered as having read, understood and agreeing to these changes. 

  • Admins reserve the right to remove members who won’t adhere to these rules and/or Admins’ instructions. 
  • If a group member has been warned about behaviour on the group before, they may be removed without notice if the offence is repeated or any other offence is committed. 
  • If in doubt, contact the group admin.