Getting Involved With QuareClare

There are many ways for you to get involved with QuareClare... the simplest of them is to just show up!  QuareClare's mission is to promote the conditions in which LGBTQIA+ people in County Clare feel accepted, respected and valued.  Our events take this idea to heart-- we want to create the spaces and opportunities for you to thrive.  We host regular events every month like our Meet & Greet Brunches and our Movie Nights and are always looking for new events and ideas to offer to the community.  Here is a list of upcoming events that might interest you:


Steering Committee Member

The Leadership Committee Members have ultimate responsibility for directing the activity of Quare Clare, ensuring it is well run and delivering the outcomes for which it has been set up. Every leadership committee member should provide leadership to the organisation by:

  • Setting the strategic direction to guide and direct the activities of the organisation
  • Ensuring the effective management of the organisation and its activities
  • Monitoring the activities of the organisation to ensure they are in keeping with the founding principles, objects and values 
  • Planning and executing events and activities that are relevant to our members         
  • Seeking out partnerships with local organisations to enhance the reach and scope of Quare Clare's work         

Various Committee Member Roles

Because QuareClare is an all volunteer run organisation, we rely on the generosity of people like yourself to keep us operating.  There are many roles that are available for anyone interested in serving QuareClare, they include:

  • Pride Committee
  • Events and Social Committee
  • Arts & Culture Committee
  • Media & Publicity Committee
  • Fundraising Committee
  • Education Committee

Are you interested in becoming involved in QuareClare as a member of one of our committees? If so, we would love to talk to you!  Please reach out to Chris at 065 671 2737 for more information.